Dr. Ashwani Lochan

An experienced professional devoted to the field of education and social work, whilst being passionate about improving the living structure of the underprivileged community of India.


Because ducation alone has the power to eradicate the most of the global issues.


Because effective methodology is needed to help the society get better.

Social Worker

By heart, because there’s always something to give back to the world.


Dr. Ashwani Lochan is dedicated to the long-term prosperity and economic rise of the marginalized sectors of the country. With a desire to improve the society for the betterment of its citizen, Dr. Lochan represents the voices and choices of the people with no grounds of discriminations in any shape and forms.


January 8, 2021 / Latest News
Chairman Dr A Lochan Welcomes the 4th Vice-Chancellor of AUS Prof B. Mohan Kumar Matter: Arunachal University of Studies gets...
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January 6, 2021
Chairman Dr Ashwani Lochan, Plants 21 Gifted Gooseberries From Bhiku Pannasara Ji In The Campus of Arunachal University Of Studies...
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December 14, 2020
Chairman WEM offers Honoris Causa D.Litt Award to Union Cabinet Minister Skill Development and Entrepreurship Dr Mahendranath Pandey Matter: The...
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“Education is a spontaneous process of acquiring knowledge, whether good or bad. If we devoid students of constructive education then destructive education shall prevail automatically. We must always focus on imparting education in the most natural and its simplest form”

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