Dr. Ashwani Lochan is an entrepreneur by profession, a social worker and an educationalist by heart. Ever since a young age, where children have myopic views about the society, Dr Lochan always dreamed of making India progressive – a superpower, unlike no other nation. In addition, he believed that only the truest form of education, reaching out to every stratum of the country is the way to make India a superpower.

As a visionary educationalist, his self-motivation to this field had made him recognize the magnitude of education not only in terms of eliminating poverty, illiteracy and gender biases from the country but also made him articulate an efficient mechanism for communal modification and speedy fiscal augmentation of the country.

Academically speaking, he has an excellent academic record and has passed with distinction throughout his journey. Dr. Agarwal holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), followed by a Master of Business Administration and a Ph. D in Management of Collaboration Industry Based Education Systems in India.

Dr. Lochan is endowed with a  peaceful personality and has a heart filled with humility and empathy for the world. Despite his countless stints abroad, he has always rooted his life to his ancestral abode in Western Uttar Pradesh, Maheshpur Agriculture Farm, Khatauli, where he was born in the year 1977.

He is a religious follower of Hinduism and a dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu. He follows the Principles of Karma as stated in the holy book of “Bhagavad Gita”. Dr Lochan was inspired by the 6 traits of Lord Vishnu as a little boy and ever since has adapted the traits in this life. Knowledge, Strength, Command, Valour, Ability and Independence – is what can describe Dr Ashwani Lochan in a sentence.

At a very early age, he formed an International Non-Governmental Organization by the name of World Education Mission, a registered trust, with the sole purpose of providing up-to-date and affordable education at par with international standards. World Education Mission till date has been operating on their own with almost negligible contribution from any external sources.


“Integration of education & employment is necessary for best utilization of educational resources and adequate human resource development” – quotes Dr Lochan and as a result, he has been very instrumental in inventing new educational methodologies that is  suitable for India.

Caste, creed, region, religion, gender, social-political or socio-economic status has nothing to do with Dr Lochan’s desires to provide education. He strictly goes by the zero-discrimination policy and believes in the duty of making Indian education 100% inclusive.

As a part of the professional commitments, Dr Lochan used to visit every nook and corner of the country. During his one of the visit to the North-East part of the country, he was taken aback by the ground reality of the North East states in general and the state of Arunachal Pradesh in particular.

He established Arunachal University of Studies in the district of Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh, which is tribal land, in need of special work on women empowerment. He firmly believes – “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of Woman”.

The people were simple with no access to good education and development of the region was almost negligible. He enquired more on the state of Arunachal Pradesh and was confronted with a fact that the higher-level education was pathetic due to non-availability of good centres of education. He was thoroughly appalled by the discovery and took up the matter to the state government. The response from the state government was encouraging but they expressed their inability to establish any centre for higher learning at Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr Lochan being very determined took the responsibility upon his shoulders. In 2012, Dr Lochan’s efforts, determination and perseverance were finally rewarded by the approval of the state government to establish a university in Arunachal Pradesh by the Name of Arunachal University of Studies, which is the fastest emerging University of the Country today.


  • President, World Education Mission
  • Chairman, Arunachal University of Studies
  • Chairman, National Centre for Internship & Studies
  • Patron, AXIOM Institute of Management Technology
  • Chief Patron, Council for Minority Development
  • Advisor, National Skill Development Organization
  • Managing Director, Eduworld Publications
  • Managing Director, BLG Plasto Pvt. Ltd.
  • Senior Vice-President, CEGR
  • Managing Director, Orgachem Medisol
  • Patron, Maheshpur Agricul