A Study of Collaborative Skill Based Indian Education System.

Collaborative Skill Based Education is most contemporary noble concept to integrate the component of Skill into the education. CSB Education is just not a formality of giving skill exposure to students; rather it is a fully-fledged experience to students with their studies. CSB education enables students to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the real time working environment in which they wished to work. The purposive of every education is to obtain factual knowledge and employment.

Study incapable of providing suitable employment and knowledge to a student is fruitless. Our present educational system hardly contains employable skill components into it. In this competitive environment the difference between education and industry is widening day – by – day. This creates difficulty for young alumnus to adjust themselves in the work environment. Sometimes it took many years to transform them in through professionals.

In the absence of proper guidance many students get distracted from the actual goals to proceed with their career and choose unknowingly & purposelessly different profession from their basic qualification.

This education to profession drops out, yields wastage of educational resources created by Government as well as Private sectors in addition to the most significant years of study of the student’s life. CSB education is an effort to make a robust skill integrated educational model like medical education in India.

CSB education will be given to students with real time working experience. This serve dual purpose; the students will obtain precious work experience in addition to the academic knowledge. CSB education is an effective tool which can fulfill the demands of modern time and serve nation in a better manner.

Written by
Ashwani Lochan Aggarwal

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