Opportunities for Indian Education System Going Forward

To be truthful, the Indian Education System has achieved many exceptional goals in light of the immense challenges. These manifest across the board, resulting from economy, political and legal landscape, as well as socio-cultural dynamics. It’s easy to criticize the system in light of every instance of failure they have experienced, but the fact that it has achieved so many different things of the people who have dedicated entire lifetimes’ worth of efforts and research. However, even the practitioners will tell people that focus upon challenges is the more necessary factor.


It’s because of the fact that education holds answer to so many of the issues faced by the Indian diaspora, both inside and outside of the country. It’s a personal viewpoint that proper development and evolution of the system will actually help in both recognizing and filling up necessary social roles. The country is like a machine operating constantly and on a much larger scale to achieve what it needs at the utmost. Therefore, for a change, the opportunities available for the entirety of the education system needs to be properly reflected upon.

Equivalent Prominence of Educational Avenues


At present, there seems to be an inordinate amount of focus upon certain specific lanes of education opportunities. That’s why you’ll see that an overwhelming number of higher education students in the country enrolling and graduating in engineering and medical institutions. This specifically is borne out of the notable lack of opportunities across other streams at large. It has gotten to such a point that there’s apparently a great deal of blowback of capabilities and skills upon engineering and medical capabilities among the graduates. In essence, equivalence in provisioning opportunities are required to be focused upon. Through the diversification of the economy in a proper fashion, which shall consider all professions, it’s entirely possible, albeit in quite a longitudinal frame of time.

Greater of Technological Opportunities


The education system has already started applying various points of focus in realizing certain goals and opportunities that are to be dedicated for the sake of improving conditions and capabilities. However, a great deal still remains, and the uniformity of technological integration into every aspect of education concerns is entirely plausible. Upon that specific case, it’s extremely plausible that a complete segment dedicated to provisioning education-focused technology will become quite prominent in future. In essence, the apparent issues and challenges that are currently faced by Indian education could be better visualized and tackled.

The Question of Costs associated with Higher Education

It’s pretty apparent that the nature of business orientation with regards to higher education has become entrenched and consolidated, it’d actually be extremely hard to eliminate them completely. The problems are prescient as well, since the financial exclusivity removes the probability that certain parts of the population could pursue the proper avenue towards higher education at large. This brings into question whether there are other ways that colleges and universities that separates student tuition and other aspects of the costs. It also posits whether government should put a cap on the charges that apply usually to students.


Education system has many different directions available in front of it as of this moment, which it can pursue. It’s essential that these opportunities should be treated what has advanced and will continue advancing education standards over time.


Written by
Ashwani Lochan Aggarwal

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