Value Education: The Challenges faced with its introduction

Value Education is the much-debated and discussed the subject in the plethora of education in India. Of course, it is true that the main purpose of any education will go with a Value orientation. At the primary and secondary level of school education than in higher education in India, more concentration on Value education has been given. Rather than to the matured ones values could be effectively imparted to the young minds.

The importance of Value Education

It is an exciting way used in various institutions in the process of learning. Since it helps students to improve their skills in English and Mathematics such as spelling and counting, students will need to count and move counter from one board to another and needs to solve challenges in mathematics. It is suggested to divide students into groups and organize the competition. It will encourage people to work in a team and would make people think creative since students would work hard in need to solve challenges. You may have a variety of board games that would help to avoid monotony.It may be an important reason for this prime importance given at the school level. There are so many modules designed with the help of educationists like Ashwani Lochan Aggarwal, Chairman, World Education Mission Group. If Education University and others for effectively imparting the value of education to the school students. Many innovative educational practices are being identified by the experts, in this context.


A good number of experiments and studies are being conducted in recent days on the effectiveness of teaching value education at the school level. Some schools have very innovative and radical course designs to impart the values.


Effective teaching practices ranges from:

·  Storytelling

·  Exhibitions

·  Skits

·  One-act play

·  Group discussions to various other formats


New methods have been evolved by educationists to create an effective learning sphere. In the teaching-learning practices of value education, the usage of electronic gadgets also gains importance. The importance given to value education is not as much as it is given at the school level, at the higher education level, due to various reasons.

To Conclude

The curriculum and the teaching methods also could be subjected to scrutiny. In some field of education, it is true that colleges are meant for a kind of specialization. The youth require direction and counseling at this stage, in the Indian social context. At this stage which demands the intervention of educationists for his/her betterment they have been exposed to various challenges.

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